Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Our baby girl is officially one year old!!! Justin and I cannot believe where the time has gone...Olivia has been such a blessing to us, like nothing we could have ever imagined. Her little personality is really coming out these days and she so funny and happy. Also, her vocabulary is expanding ("night-night", "bye-bye"). Today she even said her first sentence. She kept saying the same thing all day, but I finally figured out what it was when I came in the door and said the same thing I say multiple times to our two dogs when walking in the house: "Hi Boys!" I always ask Olivia if she can say "Hi Boys!" and today was the day!!

For Olivia's birthday we had a party at our house, mostly just family, but a few close friends came as well. Even my best friend from high school, Jane, was able to make it for the weekend. She and I hadn't seen each other since my wedding day, over five years ago! Granny and Gommer also came to Fort Worth, along with a few great-uncles and cousins who were able to drop by for a little while. We are blessed to have so many family members who live here as well, that were able to make it--what a crowd! Overall, I think it was a fun party and the only sad part is that Olivia is too little to understand how much she is loved, and by so many people!

Little Pretty

We had such a fun time with Olivia's one year photos! I ended up taking her to Portrait Innovations and they did such a great job. For the most part we had her pictures taken in her birthday dress, but Granny came along and we got a few "generation" photos with Olivia, Granny and Mama. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last One!

Olivia's Uncle Jamie texted me this morning to make sure that I was going to take picutres today. He reminded me that this would be her last "month picture" as he called it. Un. REAL.

The next time I post on the 25th of the month, Olivia will be ONE year old!! Everyone around me keeps reminding me that her birthday is coming up...truth be told, I'd rather not think about it. Time really goes by too quickly when you have something so precious in your life.

Our little girl has been so busy this month (hence the reason she had to be held for her 11 month pics). She's getting really hard to keep up with, but she is a joy to be around. She is still "cruising" around furniture, and crawling to all of her destinations, but I feel like any day now she'll turn around, let go and stand on her own. Occasionally she will let go for half a second, but then promptly plop down on her bottom.

Her Daddy is sure having a lot of fun with her these days--watching the two of them play together is really sweet. What's really new this month is Olivia's ability to speak! She can say "Mama" and "Dada", and right now she is working on "Thank You." Her "thank you" sounds a lot like "Dada", but I know what she's trying to say :) Here's a few pics from this month and two videos (hopefully!) of Daddy and Olivia. It's pretty wild how fast things'll see what I mean when you watch the videos.

Cousin Alex, who came and spent the night with us a few weeks ago. Alex was so adorable, hanging on to Olivia's every move. She said her favorite part about spending the night was getting to feed Olivia.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pretty Girl

Olivia's such a sweetie in this dress! After getting ready for church on Sunday, I just couldn't help but take her picture. I can't believe how big she's getting! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Months!

Well, this is the third time in as many days that I've tried to update the blog, so today's post will be short and sweet. Here are a few pics from Olivia's 10 month "photo shoot". Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sooooo Big!

Can you hardly stand it? Olivia is looking so grown up this month-quite the little lady! She was so brave at the doctor today; she cried just for a second and then was happy before we even made our way out the door. She is in the 97th percentile for her height (29 1/2 inches) and 80th for her weight (20.4 lbs.). She's also been busy learning how to pull up on anything and everything...tables, the side of her new pool, my legs... She can also clap and kiss (with her mouth open) with regularity. I think she's such a smart girl! Her doctor even commented that she's a little advanced for her age (not exactly sure what that means!) and that she has a really cute little personality. Olivia really is turning out to be a happy, funny little girl!

Here she is taking part in one of her favorite activities-tearing up Daddy's magazines.

Daddy and Olivia on Father's Day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting In Trouble!

Just a quick post for today. Olivia is on the move! She is still doing the inch-worm for most of her crawling, but she is getting faster. She isn't getting into quite everything, but she's been quick to show me what to baby-proof for her. She also loves to dump over the entire basket of toys I keep under the table in the living room, so she can play with all of her toys at one time. Here's a few pics...what a little devil. She smiles when she's getting in trouble!